Frequently Asked Questions:

Is SCYM a program to reform juvenile delinquents?

No. SCYM is not designed for troubled youth. The program supports and empowers positive youth that are in good standing at school and at home.

When can my child sign-up?

Parents/Guardians are welcome to come by between 6:30PM – 8:00PM any Tuesday that we meet to talk to the volunteers and check out the program. Information nights are also held twice a year and are announced on our Facebook page.

How much does it cost to join?

There is a non-refundable fee of $100 due upon initial registration and $200 due before recruit graduation. This cost covers uniform blouse & trousers, cover, boots, t-shirt, SCYM black sweats, books, dues, at least one encampment, encampment transportation, and registration. After graduation, dues are $10 per month until year end. Starting each January, the cost is $150 per year, per child.

When are yearly dues paid?

Many parents/guardians pay in full ($150) each January. The payment may also be split in half whereby $75 is paid in January and $75 by July 1st. Since we rely on dues to pay for learning materials, supplies, etc., it is important that monies come in on time. Any Young Marine whose account is in arrears may only participate in weekly drill.

Is there financial aid available?

Unfortunately not at this time, however we do participate in fundraising efforts that help off-set activity and event costs.

Do you have to live in New Bedford to participate?

While Southcoast Young Marines accepts youth from many cities and towns, priority does go to New Bedford residents since our drill deck facilities are provided at no cost by the City of New Bedford.

What is the minimum / maximum age for a child joining the program?

Children must be at least 8 years old to join SCYM. They are officially "discharged" from the unit at 18 years old or upon graduating from a full-time high school program, whichever comes first.

Is SCYM a recruiting group for the military?

No. While the program uses the US Marine Corps training model, it is actually a drug-demand reduction program which teaches leadership and reinforces discipline and respect. YM are encouraged to go on to higher education after high school.

What is an encampment?

An encampment is a weekend trip to an area camp or base that allows recruits and/or Young Marines the opportunity to gain survival skills and participate in a variety of learning activities.

Who pays for encampments?

The $300 recruit fee includes one encampment. Each Young Marine is responsible for any encampment cost, which is typically $35 per encampment. This fee covers fuel for transportation (if applicable), food, board, and facility or obstacle course use.

What is the difference between a recruit and a Young Marine?

Each youth member starts the program as a recruit. It is during this time that officers and senior youth staff work with recruits to get them prepared to be a Young Marine through weekly classes and physical fitness activities.

Are outside activities and grades important in this program?

Yes and yes! Participation in sports, clubs, and other positive organizations is highly encouraged. Recruits and Young Marines are required to be in good standing at school. Copies of report cards are collected and filed regularly. Both grades and participation in activities can lead toward earning ribbons.

What other activities besides drill and encampments do Young Marines participate in?

YM participate in community events, march in parades, and volunteer to help local non-profits. YM have also participated in fun outings such as trips to Six Flags and Lake Compounce amusement park.

Who runs the program?

The program's staff is comprised of volunteers, many of whom are prior or active military members, teachers, and public safety personnel. All adults are subject to a CORI check. Adult leaders/officers are not compensated in any way.

Southcoast Young Marines
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To join our Unit, we will need the following required items for Registration:

- Completed Registration Forms
- Social Security Card (for our liability insurance coverage registration)
- Medical physical report (current)
**Physical must be turned in before 30 days from the start of Recruit training**
- Health Insurance Card

Here's where to find us:

Southcoast Young Marines meets every Tuesday evening at the Fort Taber Community Center from 6 - 8:30 PM.

950 S. Rodney French Blvd.

New Bedford, MA 02744